Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Hello IBTFAD readers (if there are any of you left)

I want to apologize for the long absence. A combination of transitional phases and coast hopping have taken the authors of this here blog out of commission for many months.

However, all of that is about to change, in a way that we can believe in, my friends!!

The dollar video reviews that (we hope) you love will be returning shortly, and in additon, we will be broadening our scope to include lots of other different types of films, and media. Dollar vids will remain the heart and soul of this tiny corner of the internet, but we will also be including media of all sorts that have stuck out to us recently. We hope that you will keep on reading, and even leaving comments, even if they are angry and unwilling to humor the idea of a lesbian subtext in the movie Gold Diggers. The internet, after all, is a place where we've all got a voice!


Much love

Stay tuned...

1 comment:

Anika said...

Just stumbled upon this blog....thinking of watching serbis now.

Anyhoo for the sake of this one new reader you've acquired, do keep posting!!